What to look for in your E-commerce Delivery Platform

01 marzo, 2018

Delivery and E-commerce go hand in hand. In order to sustain positive customer relationships for your E-commerce business, you need an E-commerce delivery platform that is fit for purpose. But, when it comes to finding an E-commerce delivery platform that will give you what you need, what should you be looking for?

Choose a platform you can work with now

Complex platforms that require a lot of training and explanation can simply add to an administrative burden. The smaller the business the more difficult this can be to handle and the less return on investment you’re likely to see straight away. An overly complex platform may slow operations down and make mistakes inevitable. So, when you’re looking for an e-commerce delivery platform it’s key to find one that is a good fit and that you can work with straight away without the need for an extensive induction phase first.

Find an e-commerce delivery platform that gives you options

The delivery choices that you’re able to offer to customers will have a significant impact on how they interact with your business. According to econsultancy, 50% of abandoned purchases are the result of inadequate delivery options so it’s important to find an e-commerce delivery platform that facilitates a wide range of options. Bear in mind the various factors that tend to influence customer decision making when it comes to delivery choices, from cost through to convenience and features such as tracking.

Look for delivery across borders

If international delivery is key to your business now – or likely to be in the future – then an e-commerce delivery platform that facilitates cross border delivery is going to be essential. Look for competitively priced international services that also offer choice in terms of delivery options. Many customers who commit to international purchases will be keen to have tracking built in so bear in mind that this may be a key requirement.

Make sure the integration works

Integrating e-commerce delivery with e-commerce platforms simplifies the number of different systems and processes that you need to manage. It will not only make your own operations more efficient but also reduce the potential for errors and help to bring down costs. There are many benefits to essentially having a one stop shop where you can manage all the delivery needs of your e-commerce business in one place, from tracking parcels in transit through to tracking the number of returns.

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